The “paccasassi” of Mount Conero … Italy


This sea fennel in Ancona and the surrounding area is known as “Paccasasso”

The seed of paccasassi, carried by the wind, insinuates itself between the fissures of the rocks adjacent to the sea, and it takes root there, coloring the white coast of the Conero with a wonderful green.
Salt, wind, limestone and sun, do the rest, forging the flavor of paccasasso, a very special aroma that is characterized by the hint of fennel, lemon and carrot.
They go perfectly with blue fish and pasta. Paccasassi are also excellent with cold cuts, such as mortadella or ciauscolo, pizza or cheese.

The Cameranese Ortoconserviera offers the very tasty paccasassi in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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